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Internet Marketing Consulting

Internet Marketing And Consulting Programs Custom Designed For Your Business

I have over 40 years of marketing and sales experience. 20 Of those years growing my own companies.

I have also been consulting, assisting and promoting companies for decades.

What the services of Promotional Website Design is that we go far above and beyond what you will get retaining and working with other companies.

We have found it takes a far more in-depth approach to have a company truly succeed.

You have to start with learning all you can about the company itself. Your consulting company Must take the time to learn all they can about, your industry, your competition, what the True needs are for your customers, formulate a plan to solve their needs, issues, wants, desires, And Finally, A Way To Deliver. customers. 

Consulting For Internet Sales, Products and Services 

There is no cookie cutter package you can buy that will promote your business effectively, NONE! PERIOD!

Sure the Internet is loaded with "packages" etc. and while we can show you base packages as a guideline, we offer no illusions that all you need is a "package" to succeed.

We offer one of the very few real services that are tailored to your products, services, industry, geo targeting, whatever is required to take you beyond what a typical package can even try to deliver.

Most Effective Use Of Advertising Dollars

The average customer that contacts us? There is no such thing!!!
There is no average, general of one size fits all quote, work process, no package price silver bullet.

As an example, often a customer will be spending quite a bit on pay per click ads.
On average you can spend 1/3 the cost of PPC ads and get at least similar but typically Much Better ROI!

Increase Sales

There is no one single thing that will increase your sales. It has to be approached from an all inclusive plan.

Research, Research, Research! Once you know what your customer's want, NOT WHAT YOUR TRYING TO SELL THEM! HUGE DIFFERENCE!

When you know what they want, then you begin to see who else is offering as close to it as you found they want.
ID your True Competitors. Often they are not the Amazons you think they are.

Once you know your customer's need, offer the product, service, add desires to motivate them, make completing the purchase as easy as possible. 

Finally, Deliver beyond your promise!

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More Than Great Website Designs... Great Results....
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